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Detective Saga: The Creswin Widower is a small demo of a point and click adventure game implementing some visual novel style story telling. 

New Game from the title menu will take you through the introduction.

This was made by 3 game design students as an assessment for our Production for Clients unit and were tasked with coming up with a game concept to fit a brief we were given.
We were given 13 days to make the game from beginning to end (5 of which were pre-production leaving 8 for in engine work) and this is what we were able to produce by the end of it.

Alexander McGarrity - Team Leader, Narrative/Sound Designer

Hannah Aird - Art/Animation Lead, Puzzle/Level/UX Designer

Rick Ko - Technical Designer, Programming Lead (https://koshifu.itch.io/)

All pictures were taken from Google Images.


DSTCW.zip 70 MB

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